Stonebeard Miniatures Is Here!

Stonebeard Miniatures is here!

Rejoice my fellow Australian painters! Stonebeard Miniatures is here to provide our community with better access to the amazing sculptors, designers, and Miniature companies we know and love from all over the globe. With the continual growth of Stonebeard Miniatures, our product range will expand with more and more Miniature companies coming on board. Soon we will publish a schedule of our up-and-coming releases with the ability to place pre-orders for our new releases.

How does this website work?

Listed under the “Shop” menu tab you will find all the Miniature companies currently working with Stonebeard Miniatures. Have a look and see what they each have to offer, along with some information about each company. Alternatively, you can head to the shop and filter through all the products we are currently stocking.

Once you place an order with Stonebeard Miniatures and it has been shipped, you will be provided via email with a tracking ID for Australia Post. View the “Order Tracking” page for a link to the Australian Post website where you can enter your tracking ID and check your orders shipping progress. 

I am very much looking forward to seeing the miniature projects that Stonebeard Miniatures has helped supply to our painting community. When you are ready to share your work, tag #stonebeardminiatures in your Instagram or Facebook Posts and we will be happy to show it off here in our customer gallery.

Stonebeard Miniatures will also endeavour to supply the miniature painting community with the latest news of up coming events and painting competitions. Additionally, I hope to post articles written by our very own Aussie artists about their projects and experiences.

For our Oceanic cousins across the Tasmin, you may be asking yourself… well this is all well and good for Wallabies supporters but what about us living in New Zealand who have just as much difficulty receiving miniatures? Well fear not my friends, Stonebeard Miniatures will soon open its doors to you, please watch this space for updates!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me on the socials or at





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