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Over the past year, I have had the privilege of opening up pre-orders for Kickstarters such as the collaboration of Kimera and Aradia’s ‘Ultima Thule’ and Beyond Miniatures ‘Drakoths Children, The Forgotten Land.

This has allowed Stonebeard Miniatures to assist some miniature companies with reaching more of their fans with cheaper shipping rates for their fans and customers in this part of the globe. On this page you will find products from multiple Kickstarters from the past, the present and I’m sure the future.

How does this all work?

  1. When a kickstart is active, Stonebeard Miniatures will have miniatures and deals available for pre-order at their normally discounted rate.
  2. Once the Kickstarter ends, these items will be marked as ‘out of stock’ until the final stock has been established.
  3. At this stage we will relist the miniatures for preorder for those wishing to secure themselves a copy from a limited supply.
  4. When we receive the miniatures they will be listed on their respective miniature pages!

Please see below the list of current Kickstarter listed here with expected delivery times;

Kickstarter: Ultima Thule!

Company: Aradia Miniatures & Kimera Models

Status: Funded

Estimated Delivery: December 2021

Kickstarter: Drakoth’s Children!

Company: Beyond Miniatures

Status: Funded

Estimated Delivery: March 2022


Happy Painting!

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