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Galapagos Miniatures is a South Korean miniature brand specializing in the production of fantasy figures. Since its founding in 2013 by art director Ju-Won Jung, it has been developing its own unique concept which combines elements from sculpture, painting, storytelling, and concept art. Galapagos is a fantastical world in which dragons and magic dwell together.

The characters, who all have their own histories and place within Galapagos, evolve and grow through adventures they encounter. They are inspired by legends and myths from around the world, human history and fantasy novels, their uniqueness even grows through your imagination and artistic touch.

The characters will be reborn into original works of art, the only ones in the world. By offering a variety of original characters, who painters can create a canvas they can freely express a world of their own imagination.

Galapagos Miniatures are preparing a new SCI-FI series called ‘Pathfinder’. This series will visit you with new stories and characters set in the near future where super artificial intelligence has developed.

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