New Products Are On The Way

Big Child Creatives is coming to Stonebeard Miniatures!

Big Child Creatives is an internationally recognized miniatures company based in Madrid which was founded by four artists José Manuel Palomares, Ivan Santurio, Hugo Gomez Briones and Ruben Martinez. The studio has created some fantastic Busts and large scale 75mm miniatures over the years that have stretched over a variety of fantasy theme’s. 

Stonebeard Miniatures will soon release a Big Child Creatives Band Page that will provide the ability to place pre-orders for the up and coming product range. These updates will be provided on Stonebeard’s Instagram and Facebook.

Have a look below at some of these examples that Stonebeard Miniatures will be stocking soon. Each line has both 75mm Miniatures and 1:10 Scale Busts.

Kaptain Albrork The Fourfold Damned | Stonebeard Miniatures